Trade Marketing

The general consumer trends in the food and beverages industry are health, convenience and experience. Consumers want to make new experiences and this is also true for vending and OCS segments that are by definition convenient on the go beverage offering.

Vending is an unsecure experience for the consumer. They are in a situation where they want a beverage but insecure as to how the machine works what will come out as a result, if the beverage will be good and if their experience overall will be successful. Compared to a coffee shop, no one is there to explain and sell the new “flavor of the month”. Communication around the vending experience is key to create a sense of security and get consumers to try the new products.

Point of sales material serves this exact purpose: Explain and sell new or existing products to the consumer and reassuring him in his decision.

To help you better communicate your offer to the consumers, a range of point of sale support material have been developed: Name tabs, stickers, posters, facings and wobblers.