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About Caprimo

Caprimo has been offering great value for money products with consumer-adapted taste, consistent quality and stable operating functionality for over 30 years. Discover it today!

A Caprimo for every Taste!

Created in the early nineties, Caprimo remains today a trendy modern brand offering products to dynamize the vending offer. From the original three instant cocoa drinks, Caprimo had flair developing one of the first instant mix Cappuccinos in Europe. Caprimo Cappuccino remains today the preferred tasting instant cappuccino on the European market. Nothing beats the original!

 In the last 5 years, Caprimo has evolved into a solid vending operator brand offering a complete range of quality products with great machine functionality.

 The three original chocolate remain. To keep ahead of consumer trends, the original Cappuccino is joined by a trendy selection of flavoured cappuccinos like Caprimo Cappuccino Vanille, Caprimo Cappuccino Noisette, Caprimo Cappuccino Caramel and Caprimo Speculoos. The product range is completed with Topping, Creamer, Whitener, Teas and Coffee operators can rely on and consumers enjoy.

 To discover how Caprimo can improve your vending offer, contact us!